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Stages of a Market Mania

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The Idea Stage The first stage of a mania starts out with a great idea. The idea is not known to many people yet, but the potential for profits are huge. This is usually translated as unlimited profit, since “something like this has never been done before”. The internet was… Read more »

Basics of Money Management

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Rule one. Don’t borrow money for consumable goods. What are consumable goods? They are stuff that loses value over time. Stuff you want but can live without. Examples are electronics, subscriptions to magazines, automobiles, etc. Rule two. Live within your means. In other words, digital signature, spend less than you… Read more »

Reasons for Budgeting

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The practical information from doing budgeting causes the mind to consider or take a closer look at how our money is being used. Another word, is this item necessary? Or Do I really need to get that done right now? Maybe I should wait a little longer on that one…. Read more »

Learn Couponing

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Couponing can be a lot of fun too whether you are doing it with someone or you are going solo. What an experience it is when you are at the register listening to every beep bringing down your total as your coupons are applied reducing the retail price of your… Read more »

Finding Financial Advisor

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The fiduciary standard legally obligates advisors to put your interest before their own. Advisors that work under a fiduciary standard must disclose any conflict of interests and share with you whether they benefit from recommending any products or other professionals. They must be transparent as to fees the advisors gets… Read more »