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Keys to a Successful Budget

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Here are some keys to successfully maintaining a budget (no matter if you’re a single or family household): Consistent income. I know this may seem like a ‘duh’ statement but having consistent income flowing into the home will help meet target budget goals. I know there is a huge entrepreneurial boom… Read more »

Benefits Online Bill Pay

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Most banks and credit companies that offer online bill payment make it easier to manage and pay bills to avoid extra fees. Besides paying bills from the convenience of their computer at any time, people can save on stamp costs and the trouble of traveling all the way to a… Read more »

Ways Being Overweight Costs Money

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Loss of income Lost wages are the earnings an employee does not receive from their employer because they missed work or were unable to work for one reason or the other. This is lost time, and since it was unproductive, it cannot be compensated. An overweight person is bound to… Read more »

Difference Between Payday and Personal Loans

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DIFFERENTIATING FACTORS The loan amount also differs when it comes to a comparison between the two. Most banks in the UK do not lend less than 1000 pounds for a 12 month period in case of personal loans. When it comes to cost comparison, personal ones are considerably cheaper with… Read more »

How Stress Affects Wallet

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Positive impacts of stress on your financial wellbeing An anxious mind tends to think about the possible solutions to the looming predicaments. Ergo, when you are stressed with bills in your house, the brain develops a scheme that will provide cheaper alternatives that are cost-cutting, hence more savings. The survival… Read more »

Financing Options For Consumers

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Impact on the consumers Price is a big determinant whether a customer makes a purchase or not. When a lump sum is broken down into installments, then it becomes more palatable. The behavior can be leveraged when you show the monthly financing available alongside the purchase price to show the… Read more »

Basic Financial Analytics to Predict the Future

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Predictive Sales Analytics or PSA What do you think is the most vital aspect of a company? Undoubtedly, the sales revenue comes at the no. 1 spot and this is what decides the future of your company. When you adopt the PSA approach, you can easily predict the sales figure… Read more »

Profit With Diamond Investing

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Let’s now take a moment to talk about how your investments are affected when a company starts to suffer losses. Companies seeking money from investors usually do so when they are in a tight financial spot that requires them to seek financial help. They turn to the general public when… Read more »

Handle Instant Wealth

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Take some time for cooling off You need a 6-10 months’ pause to adapt to the money shock and fully understand the limits and the possibilities of the newly found wealth. It’s not uncommon to overestimate it – the fact due to which so many lottery winners fail to prioritize… Read more »

Control Your Bad Money Habits

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Make a Decision Changing your bad money habits would require you to first make a critical decision in your life whether you want to change your bad money habits or not. You cannot change your bad money habits without first resolving to do so. Taking charge and controlling your finances… Read more »